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Red Cross CPR Renewal Toronto

The Red Cross CPR renewal Toronto course or recertification course is for those who have already taken their CPR training but are in need of renewal. The A-CPR level course covers adult CPR and choking relief techniques with AED use.  The fee for the A-CPR is $22.00 per person.

The C-CPR  renewal course includes adult/ child/ infant CPR and choking relief techniques with AED use. The fee for the C-CPR course is $35.00 per person.  Training for the healthcare professional is called Healthcare Provider (HCP)  and is done at the C-CPR level. The Red Cross HCP CPR renewal includes all the content of the C-CPR, plus bag valve mask training, two rescuer CPR, jaw thrust and other techniques needed by the professional responder. The fee for the  Red Cross HCP CPR renewal is $38.00.

Our prices for Red Cross CPR renewal include all taxes and materials. Please bring your previous CPR card with you to the class.  We train only through well known agencies e.g. Canadian Red Cross. The Red Cross card is in effect for three years and will be issued after successful completion of all the materials, including practical and written testing.  The participant must be present for the full scheduled course time  and participate in all course activities in order to receive a card. You would renew the training more often if needed or if an employer requires it. For information on our privacy policy and refund policy please visit www.citycpr.com – register now and learn how to save a life today!! Contact us via email at information@citycpr.com  or call us at 416-697-8229 (cell.)