Babysitting Course For Teens in Toronto

Red Cross Babysitting

Red Cross Babysitting Courses Toronto

PLEASE NOTE that due to the COVID-19 situation  all Toronto libraries will be closed until April 5th so our upcoming classes at those locations will be rescheduled to new dates. We will post new dates as soon as they are confirmed and will contact any registrants.

Attention all teens – want to have fun AND make money, too?  Want to be independent and have your own small business?  Then our Babysitting class is for you! This  Babysitting class is for students 11 – 15 years of age who want to learn how to safely babysit infants and young children. The class includes basic safety procedures, supervision and avoidance of injury. The class also includes diapering, feeding and appropriate games for young children.

The fee is $60.00 per student.  The fee includes all taxes, textbook, certificate of completion and other materials.  Please see our list of courses and our Locations page for other details. Students should bring paper, pen, lunch ( NUT-FREE.)  The usual class time frame is 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.  Please note that many buildings  will not open early, so it will take us a few minutes to get into our classroom. Notices will be posted near the main doors indicating the room number. Latecomers will not be admitted and will need to reschedule – students must be present for the entire scheduled course time and complete all activities in order to receive the Babysitting certificate.

Parents and guardians please note – if your student is allowed out of the building alone for any reason e.g. to buy lunch in the area, or to leave alone at the end of the day, then we will require  written permission to that effect (NOT BY TELEPHONE)  from the student’s own parent or guardian.  We look forward to seeing all our future babysitters at a class!!   Please contact us with questions via email at  or at   416-697-8229 (Cell.)