Babysitting Course For Teens in Toronto

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Babysitting Courses Toronto

Attention all teens – want to have fun AND make money, too?  Want to be independent and have your own small business?  Then our Babysitting class is for you! This  Babysitting class is for students 11 – 15 years of age who want to learn how to safely babysit infants and young children. The class includes basic safety procedures, supervision and avoidance of injury. The class also includes diapering, feeding and appropriate games for young children.

The fee is $60.00 per student.  The fee includes all taxes, textbook, certificate of completion and other materials. Courses are typically held at Toronto District Library locations – please see our list of courses and our Locations page for other details. Students should bring paper, pen, lunch ( NUT-FREE.)  The usual class time frame is 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.  Please note that libraries will not open early, so it will take us a few minutes to get into our classroom. Notices will be posted near the main doors indicating the room number.

Parents and guardians please note – if your student is allowed out of the building alone for any reason e.g. to buy lunch in the area, or to leave alone at the end of the day, then we will require your written permission to that effect (NOT BY TELEPHONE.) We look forward to seeing all our future babysitters at a class!!   Please contact us with questions via email at  or at   416-697-8229 (Cell.)    Our courses on November 16 at Don Mills Library and on November 30 at Pape Library are FULL and registration is closed but do check our other upcoming course dates. PLEASE  NOTE that we are in the process of confirming course dates for 2020 and that information will be posted once confirmed!!

Standard First Aid Renewal Toronto


Standard First Aid Renewal Course Toronto

This Standard First Aid Renewal course is for people who possess a current Standard First Aid card. The card must have been  received within the past three years and the person must have completed the full, two day program the last time that they took the training. The Standard First Aid renewal course includes all the Standard First Aid content. The class also reviews the C CPR skills, including adult, child and infant CPR with use of the Automated External Defibrillator (AED.) Our price for this course is $75.00 all-inclusive i.e. our prices include all taxes and materials.

Please note that under Ontario Workplace Safety Insurance Board (WSIB)  requirements you must renew under the First Aid agency that originally trained you. You must bring the previous Standard First Aid card to the class. Once you have completed the one day, Standard First Aid Renewal class, you must then take the full, two day program again in three years. If your previous card has expired, then you must take the full program again. We train only through well known agencies e.g. the Canadian Red Cross and the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario. Please contact us with questions at  or call us at 416-697-8229.  Thank you – learn how to save a life today!!

Emergency First Aid A CPR Red Cross


Emergency First Aid and CPR  Toronto

This Emergency First Aid and CPR course is scheduled for 8 hours. The course includes emergency scene management, shock symptoms, adult CPR and choking relief techniques. The course also includes  AED use, wounds, bandaging practice and sudden illnesses.  Our fee for this class is $65.00 per person ( student) or $70.00 per person ( non-student.) If C CPR is included, the class will include Child and Infant resuscitation techniques and will increase to 9 hours in length for a fee of $75.00 per person.  Our prices are all-inclusive i.e. taxes and materials are already included. An Emergency First Aid and CPR course card in Ontario is in effect for three years. There is no renewal process for the Emergency First Aid and CPR course, so at the end of the three years you must take the one day course again.

Please bring paper, pen and anything else that you may need for the day.  The course time includes scheduled breaks.  Please note that people must arrive on time – latecomers will be asked to reschedule. The course involves physical effort, please let the instructor know about any limitations. the participant must complete all course activities, including the written quiz, in order to receive the First Aid card. For information on our Privacy Policy and Refund Policy please refer to – register now and learn how to save a life today!! Please email us with questions at  or call us at 416-697-8229 (Cell.) 

CPR BLS Renewals Red Cross


Red Cross BLS HCP CPR Renewal Toronto

The Red Cross BLS HCP CPR renewal Toronto course or recertification course is for those who have already taken their CPR training but are in need of renewal. The A-CPR level course covers adult CPR and choking relief techniques with AED use.  The fee for the A-CPR is $22.00 per person.

The C-CPR  renewal course includes adult/ child/ infant CPR and choking relief techniques with AED use. The fee for the C-CPR course is $35.00 per person.  Training for the healthcare professional is called Basic Life Support (BLS – formerly called Healthcare Provider or HCP)  and is done at the C-CPR level, our price for BLS renewal is $38.00 per person. The Red Cross BLS CPR renewal includes all the content of the C-CPR, plus bag valve mask training, two rescuer CPR, jaw thrust and other techniques needed by the professional responder. The fee for the  Red Cross  BLS CPR renewal is $38.00.

Our prices include all taxes and materials. Please bring your previous CPR card/printout with you to the class.  We train only through well known agencies e.g. Canadian Red Cross. The new Red Cross BLS for healthcare card is in effect for one year and an ecard will be issued after successful completion of all practical and written testing.  The participant must be present for the full scheduled course time  and participate in all course activities in order to receive a card. You would renew the training more often if needed or if an employer requires it. For information on our privacy policy and refund policy please visit – register now and learn how to save a life today!! Contact us via email at  or call us at 416-697-8229 (cell.)